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As a fellow WP Elevation member, I understand the importance of saving time, money and delivering value! So as part of this exclusive deal with WPE we are offering all you all these bonuses valued over $2,000. One of the bonuses we think you will love is our amazing WP Website Audit Add-on.

The WP add0on is perfect for so many cases from technical WP audits and website care plan assessments to evaluating the risk when taking on an existing WP site. This add-on works with our custom WP plugin to report on dozens of automated and manual points. Automated tests include features like scanning their site for known WP security vulnerabilities and exploits, identifying their premium and free plugins, versions, vulnerabilities and a lot more!

Do all of this in a matter of minutes, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what to analyze, how to analyze it and what is the best way to present it. Click here to watch the video.

WP Elevation Member Bonuses

Call Script & Email Template ($197 Value)
Audit LP Offer & Upsell Copy ($400 Value)
Close More Deals Webinar ($197 Value)
The WP Add-On Free For 1 Yr. ($240 Value)
Facebook Mastermind Group Access ($999+ Value)
Total $2,033+ Value
And Much More...


$199.99 /mo

Billed Monthly

$166.66 /mo

Billed Annually


$69.99 /mo

Billed Monthly

$58.33 /mo

Billed Annually


$39.99 /mo

Billed Monthly

$33.33 /mo

Billed Annually

Billed Monthly

Billed Annually


(Web Design / SEO / CRO / Security & Performance) Run actionable audits on areas that matter most to a websites success: User Experience, SEO, Conversion Optimization, Security & Performance.
Chrome Extension Our easy-to-use browser extension helps you audit a site—using both manual checks and automatic tools—in less than 5 minutes.
Competitive Analysis Run a competitive report to quickly and efficiently evaluate your prospect or clients strengths and weaknesses against that of their competition for over 40+ points.

Reporting Features

White Label Reports Personalize your reports by adding your logo and contact information to create branded reports your clients will love.
White Label Domain Totally white label your reports by configuring them to run on a custom domain i.e. yourdomain.com (or a sub-domain like audits.yourdomain.com) in a minutes.
PowerPoint Create beautiful, presentation read PowerPoints that will WOW your prospects or clients with a click of a button.
HTML Web Report Email your prospects or customers a beautiful HTML report designed to impress and convert. Our HTML reports offer multiple views that can be configured on a profile or audit level. 3 Layouts 3 Layouts 3 Layout
PDF Offer a beautiful white label PDF with over 20 pages of insightful and actionable info to impress your prospects and clients.
Summary Report Looking for a great way to offer value with your for lead generation efforts? Impress your leads with a summary report and offer the complete report when they book a consultation.

Sales & Marketing Features

Sub User Accounts Share access to your account with team members, VA or contractors. Easily grant them access to only what they need.
Embeddable Website Audit Form / Lead Magnet Embed a white label website audit lead generation form on your site in minutes. This gets 4X more leads than a general PDF lead magnet.
Personalize Audit Points & Messaging From audit points, email messages to CTAs—we’ve thought of it all. Just a few clicks and MWA is truly personalized to your brand and preferences.
ROI Calculator Significantly increase the chances of closing the deal by visually quantifying the value of what your prospect can expect in their business from using your service vs. what you are charging them for your services.
3rd Party Integrations w/ Zapier Our application will allow you to automate your workflows by using Zapier to integrate with our audit platform with over 750+ other apps and services.
Reviews, Trust Factors & CTA's Personalized calls to action to deliver your message, testimonials to build trust, and countdown timers to help you sell more with each report.
Number of Audit Credits Each audit that is run or re-ran takes up an audit credit. Each plan comes with a preset number of credits. Additional audit credits can be purchased as needed. 200 Unlimited* 50 10

Premium Add-ons

Wordpress Audit Add-on (Video) Perfect for so many cases from technical audits and, website care plans to assessing the risk of taking on a poorly setup WP site. This add-on works with our custom WP plugin to report on dozens of automated and manual points. Free $19.99 $19.99
Audit Builder Add-on (Video) Use it to add audit points specific to your services from Branding to Social Media Marketing while leveraging our framework (from the audit extension to the reporting) to save you time and money. Free $19.99 $19.99
Personalized Audit Add-on (Video) It's been proven that personalization increases the effectiveness and relevance leading to higher conversions. Use this add-on to easily add personalized notes & recommendations to any audit point as you analyze the site. Stand out even more and close more deals. Free $19.99
Money Back Guarantee

No Risk: Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try out My Web Audit. If you decide that it is not for you within the first 30 days of you signing up, cancel it and you will get a full refund. No hassles, no worries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each plan comes with a specific number of audits that renew each month. The agency annual plan has unlimited audits, the agency monthly plan has 200/mo., the pro plan has 50/mo. and the starter plan has 10/mo.

You are able to purchase extra audit credits. They do not expire so you can use at any time during the span of your subscription as long as it's on the Pro or Agency plan. Here is what they cost $100 for 100 credits, $150 for 200 credits and $300 for 500 credits.

Our Agency annual plan is the only plan which offers unlimited audits. All our plans are based off of our existing users' activity and demand. Since each audit pulls information from paid API calls, we want to ensure our plans remain affordable. You can purchase additional audits as needed on the Pro plan.

The translations are currently available for Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish languages. Our application also allows you to modify all the text in the reports so you could do it that way if your preferred translation is not available.

Our primary audience for this tool are web professionals, digital marketers and creative agencies. The application is for them but the audits are positioned for the business owner.

No. The Agency plan is the only plan that has the PowerPoint feature. We don't currently have any plans in our roadmap to offer it on any of the other plans or as an add-on.

No. The Agency plan is the only plan that has the white label domain & subdomain option. We don't currently have any plans in our roadmap to offer it on any of the other plans or as an add-on.

If you decide that My Web Audit is not for you within the first 30 days of you signing up, cancel it and you will get a full refund. No hassles, no worries. This only applies to new user accounts who have not leveraged a trial or a paid subscription in the past.

All our plans are available as monthly subscription plans where you are billed on a monthly basis. You can cancel monthly plans at anytime. Annual plans offer a discount and can only be cancelled within 30 days of the account signup.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

You can change your plan or cancel it by going to your Billing Settings in your Profile.

We don't share your private audit information with third-parties and we never will without your permission.

If you still have questions about MY Web Audit we are happy to give you a demo of how it can work to grow your business. Just click here and fill out the demo request form. We will be in touch shortly after.

Definitely! If you are interested in a custom plan because your business needs more than what we offer, please email us reach out.

While we do have several fully automated audits from the WordPress technical assessment, on page SEO audit and page speed audit.

Not all of our audit reports are fully automated.

There are some reports with areas like design, UI/UX etc that you simply can't automate and require your manual review using our app or Chrome extension.

That's an important distinction because there seems to be this need to make everything automated. Automation is great but it can only take you so far. Isn't it worth it to spend 5 or 10 minutes on an audit when it means you can close a 4-, 5- or even 6-figure sale?

OK, I hear you, but listen… We have users who say "This is a great tool but I only use it a couple of times a month. So we're going to go back to manual audits to save money—even if the audits aren't as good and they take way more time."

Frankly, I don't understand that, because…. Well, what does your hourly rate look like? Let's say you can bill $100 an hour. If it takes you 2 hours to do a single audit, that's $200 in opportunity costs.

Now let's pretend you have three to do in a month. You're looking at $600 worth of time wasted.

With My Web Audit, those same audits would have taken you no more than 15 to 30 minutes…

For the cost of less than an hour of your time, and only about $2 a day for the tool.

Not to mention the other benefits you'll get from having a reliable and scalable sales process. For me, anyone who thinks about trading their time to save money is thinking about things wrong.

There are other audit tools out there—you're right. But none of them deliver what My Web Audit does. Some of them only do SEO reports, for example. Some are way too techy and don't talk to your leads in language they can understand.

Others are ugly when it comes to producing those reports… And how are you supposed to impress your lead with an ugly report?

But on top of that, there is just NO tool out there that generates the types of reports MWA does to help you measure what matters.

And none of them have the ability to review certain aspects of a site, GMB profile or other elements manually, or customize the reports like we do.

In other words, My Web Audit is MORE than worth the extra investment.

OK, first—MWA covers more than 40 audit points, but no—it doesn't get into EVERYTHING. And I'm glad this question comes up, because I always tell people you don't have to tackle everything… Just focus on building a successful relationship where you're the trusted advisor. In fact, what you'll find is your leads won't even CARE about "everything…" There's more than enough in a My Web Audit report to create visibility, deliver value, craft a vision, and give validation.

This is a great question, and as I said earlier in this presentation, I quickly discovered in my own business that I needed to make the most of every lead that came in. It doesn't matter how well you're doing with leads—you can't take ANY of them for granted. When you get even ONE, you need to really be able to knock things out of the park for them.

And My Web Audit is going to help you do that by very quickly building your authority and demonstrating your expertise, so you can increase the chance of getting the sale.

You can set up an account, watch the get started video, and run your first audit—all in under 10 minutes.

No, My Web Audit is a tool to help you make more sales with the leads you have. That said, if you sign up for an annual plan, you'll get all kinds of lead-generating tools… Social media templates to help you drum up interest in audits, training on how to find leads and close them with My Web Audit, free access to our Better Leads add-on, and more.

That's a good question, and I want to say that one of the things My Web Audit is known for is our service. If you need help, we'll be there with printed guides, in live chat, and on weekly AMA calls where you can ask anything you need to the application or strategy to leverage in your agency

Your investment in My Web Audit is 100% protected by our no hassle, no-questions, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Why? Because we know if you sign up and implement it you'll see how easy it is to do sales prep, use it to close more sales, add value for your leads.

*Unlimited audits are only offered after the first month to avoid abuse of our application.