Case Study — Belgraphix Marketing Group

75% of Barry's business is recurring—and he won it with My Web Audit

75% of Barry's business is recurring—and he won it with My Web Audit


Find an easy, effective way to demonstrate expertise during the sales process.


Bundle a My Web Audit report with a strategy session to provide massive value ahead of the sale.

"I've got all the clients I want right now, 75% of which are on retainer. And most of that recurring business started with My Web Audit."
Barry Belotti Barry Belotti / Belgraphix Marketing Group

Fifty miles outside of Boston, Massachusetts, My Web Audit customer Barry Belotti runs Belgraphix Marketing, a full-service creative studio celebrating its 20th year in business.

Yes, he's been in business for two decades—but it wasn't until recently that Belotti felt he had an easy, effective way to audit client websites.

"I was using Moz and other online SEO tools, but I didn't know what I was doing," Barry explains.

"So I started using an SEO outsourcing company, but they produced audits that were convoluted and confusing—both for my clients and for me.

"I already knew My Web Audit founder, Cliff Almeida, so when he told me what he was building, I jumped in on the ground floor."

Instantly Barry had found a better alternative.

"My Web Audit reports really show your expertise. I've had clients say, "I've met with other agencies, and nobody else that I've worked with does this.

"As a graphic designer, I was in love with how well the reports were designed. They looked great—that was big for me.

"And to be able to white-label the reports and present them to clients in a way that mattered to them… That made a big difference in my business.

"The reports frame me as the expert. And the value that I'm giving them, it makes it so much easier to sell."

How Barry uses My Web Audit

Since he became a customer, Barry has used My Web Audit as a part of his sales process. But recently, he's been taking great advantage of MWA to pursue a particular opportunity.

"Massachusetts has been offering a digital grant," Barry explains, "to various businesses so they can ramp up their digital marketing after the pandemic.

In May, I became a preferred vendor on the grant list, so I've been using My Web Audit to provide value up-front to people interested in spending their grant money on a website or digital marketing.

"I offer an audit to any business approaching me about using their grant. I tell them that an audit is typically around $300, but they can have one for 50% off. So they spend $149 for an audit—which takes me about five minutes to prepare—and a one-hour strategy session where we create a digital plan for them.

"I go over the entire audit. I'll pull the client's website up; I'll bring up their competitors, and I'll show a site that we've done that has all the bells and whistles—one where everything discussed in the audit is working correctly.

"And it's been a great success. I've sold 12 audits and converted three of those into ongoing business—and that's marketing spend over and above their grant money."

MWA has transformed Barry's business

Barry smiles when asked about My Web Audit's impact on his agency.

"I'd probably say that 80% of the audits that I've presented to businesses have turned into steady work—not just one-off clients."

He pauses as he counts in his head.

"I can think of six—no, seven!—recent retainer clients I've gotten with My Web Audit. Which is great because as I get older, I don't want to be servicing 30 clients at a time. I've got 12 solid clients right now, 75% of which are on retainer. And most of that recurring business started with My Web Audit."

Why Barry loves MWA

"I'm so busy," Barry says.

"I've always got a thousand things going on. It used to take so long to run those audits, then put them together and make them look presentable. And I'd have to get rid of "this" and add "that" until I was happy.

"But with My Web Audit, the whole thing is already in there—white-labeled with my logo… I love how beautiful the reports look, and how easy they are to present. And I love that using My Web Audit just takes no time compared to how I used to do things.

Barry laughs. "More than anything, though, I love the return on investment."