Landing Page Audit Report

Audit your agency leads and clients' Landing pages to help them convert more clicks into leads or customers.

This landing page audit report is perfect for helping your prospects and clients increase their conversion rates, reduce their lead/customer acquisition cost and improve their ROI.

Stand out from the competition by delivering value and building trust so you can start generating more revenue for your business today.

Easily brand and personalize our landing page audit report for your agency today for free.

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Run a Landing Page audit to discover opportunities

Run a Landing Page audit to discover opportunities for growing your leads or client's business

  • Our in-depth landing page audit analyzes everything that matters from design and user experience to conversion optimization, page speed, and copy.
  • Eliminate the guesswork and follow our proven step-by-step actionable landing page audit checklist and how-to directions to deliver results.
  • Get a prioritized list of actionable tasks that will create the highest impact so you can deliver quick wins!

Get the most important landing page optimization insights all in one place

  • Discover challenges and present them to your prospects or clients as opportunities to convert more visitors into leads or customers.
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions based on industry best practices to consistently deliver better results from landing pages and deliver ROI.
  • Use these insights as part of your lead generation or sales process to build trust, establish your expertise and deliver value to generate more revenue.
Get the most important landing page optimization insights all in one place

Landing Page Audit FAQ

The purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads. A landing page audit reveals problems and opportunities, including design, copywriting, branding elements, trust factors, and other important factors that help convert visitors into leads or customers.

You can offer a landing page audit for free as a lead magnet or win back past clients. Alternatively, you can charge anywhere from $199 to $399+ for a landing page audit. Optimizing a landing page can take several hours to do, so you can determine what to charge for that based on your hourly rates or on the value you deliver.

Doing it manually could take you 30-60 minutes. Using MyWebAudit, a landing page audit takes about five to ten minutes to complete. Our audit software even creates a beautiful and actionable report for you to present to your clients or use internally to optimize a landing page.

A landing page audit pinpoints why your clients aren’t getting good conversions with their landing pages. Once you fix the landing-page issues revealed in the landing page audit report, your clients will get a higher ROI by converting more visitors to their landing pages into leads or customers.

There are several other reasons why offering a landing page audit is beneficial to your agency, from lead generation and sales to winning back past clients.

  • Our landing page audits are easy-to-understand report that helps you deliver value quickly while helping you establish your expertise, build trust, and ultimately helps you close more sales.
  • It's a great productized offering that you can execute for leads and customers in a few hours as part of a web design, development, or Paid Ads service.
  • Since it's easy to execute, agencies can use it as a foot-in-the-door offer with leads to later upsell or cross-sell other services like web design and SEO.
  • It helps you win back previous clients by giving you an easy way to reach back out and restart the conversation by leading with value vs. just asking for their business again.

Here is an example of a landing page audit template created for web agencies and SEOs to use with their leads or clients.

Using our landing page audit, you can improve your client's landing page conversion rates. Our auditing software helps you pinpoint the important landing page issues and opportunities to focus on to ensure the landing page is optimized to convert more visitors into leads or customers.

You can optimize your client's landing page by addressing these common issues related to design/user experience, conversion optimization, and copy.

  • Ensure the page has a professional and intuitive design
  • Make sure it is a mobile-friendly page
  • Optimize for fast page load times
  • Avoid using any off-page links
  • Use relevant images and video
  • Use a relevant primary call to action (CTA)
  • Place the phone number prominently
  • Use relevant trust factors like testimonials/reviews.
  • Use captivating headlines
  • Make sure the copy is easily readable and can be scanned
  • Use consistent formatting and easy to read colors

We have created an in-depth Landing page audit that not only uncovers these problems it also gives you instructions on how to fix them. Here’s our Landing page audit for web and SEO agencies.

You can use the MyWebAudit landing page audit, which makes it easy for you to do a landing page audit and present an easy-to-understand, beautiful report to your clients.

The purpose of a landing page audit is to determine whether the design, content, conversion factors, and page performance of a landing page are actually helping convert visitors into leads or customers. A good landing page audit will help you make improvements to the design, copywriting and overall user experience, and other factors important in helping convert visitors into leads or customers.

When you optimize a landing page for SEO, it helps raise the visibility of that specific landing page in search engines like Google. An optimized landing page is more likely to appear on search engines.

Although most businesses use paid ad campaigns or email marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the landing page, optimizing them for SEO is an easy way to get free traffic and r leads from a page you’ve already built. Examples of landing page SEO would include:

  • Optimizing the page title and H1-H6 tags using relevant keyword(s)
  • Optimizing the Page Title and meta tags with the brand and primary keyword(s)
  • Optimizing the images using ALT tags
  • Optimizing page load times
  • Implementing schema markup

There are many audit points to include in a landing pag audit, such as:

  • Mobile-friendly page
  • No off-page links
  • Unique selling proposition (usp)
  • Relevant use of images & video
  • Proper use of whitespace
  • Primary call to action (cta)
  • Noticeable phone number
  • Lead capture forms
  • Relevant trust factors like testimonials / reviews
  • Online chat
  • Exit popups
  • Captivating headlines
  • Relevant headlines
  • Compelling messaging / calls to action
  • Easy to read / scan
  • Consistent formatting

And more… Take a look at MyWebAudit's landing page audit template for web agencies to discover the most important landing page audit points you should be auditing and optimizing for.