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"Six figures of value:" how Rob Riggs builds lifetime clients in just 5 minutes

"Six figures of value:" how Rob Riggs builds lifetime clients in just 5 minutes


Transform website conversations from ‘Your site is ugly' into higher-value discussions that establish a baseline, identify what's wrong, and demonstrate expertise around fixing issues.


Create a nearly hands-off process where team members run and prepare My Web Audit reports for leads, impressing decision-makers with how much "homework" has been done ahead of time… And providing incredible value in the process.

"My Web Audit helps build our credibility and expertise, which makes sales so much easier. And what takes a virtual assistant five minutes to run can lead to six figures of value."
Rob Riggs Rob Riggs / Code Conspirators

Here's entrepreneur Rob Riggs by the numbers: 7-figure agency, 9 employees, 12 years in business as Code Conspirators, a development and design shop in Atlanta.

With Rob, though, numbers aren't everything. If you're lucky enough to meet him, then you quickly get a sense of his values. He's thoughtful, motivated, successful, ambitious.

That ambition led him to acquire an agency to broaden his service offering, layering marketing services on top of what Code Conspirators already does for clients.

And, when he became frustrated at the website audit solutions on the market, that same ambition drove him to look for a better solution.

"I had tried maybe three different tools in the past, but I just wasn't satisfied.

"They'd score a website, for example, on how searchable it was, and give it a score out of 100. Okay, great. But they weren't white-labelled—and their reports were just eight pages or so of ‘Here's all the things that are wrong with your site.'

"That was frustrating because we wanted to be having more strategic conversations. Rather than just saying, "Hey, you want a website? We can do that," we wanted to drill down into why someone needed a website.

That's when Rob saw an ad for My Web Audit—at exactly the right time.

"What a well-placed ad! I was trying to replace what we were using, and there was MWA. And instantly, I knew it was on another level.

How Rob uses My Web Audit

"We use My Web Audit as part of our sales process to show leads a baseline. We say, ‘Here's where you are right now. Here's what's wrong. And here's what it would take for us to come in and fix it.

"It supports our sales process, because when we're able to point to things that are wrong, it shifts the conversation from whether their website is pretty or not."

Rather than simply preparing reports and sending them out, however, Rob's agency is more strategic.

"When it was easier to meet in person, we'd leverage groups like Entrepreneurs' Organization to get 15 to 20 CEOs in a room. We'd speak to them about digital marketing strategies and tactics that would grow their businesses, and then offer an audit as a bonus for everyone who attended.

"More often, we message a prospect and say, ‘Here's who we are. We've had some fantastic success with a competitor of yours. We're open to expanding into your area and wanted to see if you'd be willing to jump on a 15-minute call. If they say yes, we'll run a report.

"Alternately, we might look at Better Leads to prepare a list that says, "These 20 websites have this problem." Then we'll email those 20 people to say, "You've got issues. Do you want to schedule a call to talk about them?' And then when they schedule a call, we'll have our virtual assistant run the assessment to give us something to discuss on that phone call."

When asked whether Rob finds My Web Audit easy enough to assign to a VA, he confirms.

"I just manage the overview for my team. Here's My Web Audit, and here's how to use it.

"Behind the scenes, we've got a sales development rep that's sending the messages out. And when somebody clicks to schedule a call, our VA gets notified and runs a report immediately. Then, when the assessment is done, she pops a link into our CRM. That notifies us that the assessment is ready so we can prepare for the call."

What MWA has done for Code Conspirators

"Usually, a starter site is in the $8–$15k range. Longer-term, we'll sell clients on hosting, uptime monitoring, and so on—and now, of course, we're offering recurring content and marketing services.

"Bottom line, an initial web build can be worth a lifetime value of $50, $60, even $70,000 or more, because clients often come back and ask us to a second—or even third—iteration of their site.

"What takes a VA five minutes to run can lead to six figures of value."

Why Rob loves MWA

"My Web Audit gives us concrete areas to look at so we can shape the conversation.

"It also differentiates us from the people that just want to come in and sell ‘Hey, your site is ugly, and we can make it prettier.' It gives us conversation points around more important things, like whether the site converts—which is what they're looking for.

"And then after we're done a site, we rerun the report to make sure we've improved on the baseline we had measured at the beginning. So, it helps us show demonstrable improvement from the client's perspective.

"I love that it's white-labeled. But even better than that, the creative way things are displayed—the seven different perspectives on what's wrong with somebody's site are just great.

"And honestly, people are floored that we've done so much homework on them before we've even spoken.

"My Web Audit truly helps build our credibility and expertise. It shifts the conversation from "How much have you got" to "Here's the impact you're going to get."

"And that makes it just so much of an easier sale."