My Web Audit Product Roadmap

At My Web Audit, we are committed to executing iterative and rapid improvement
based on our vision and customer feedback.

Last Updated: 01/18/2023

We make small improvements frequently, this roadmap highlights the key features & improvements planned for My Web Audit. Priorities may change as we grow, reevaluate features or face new challenges. Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and feedback.

Currently In Progress (Anticipated rollout Q1)

Next Phase (Q2 2023)

Dreaming Up The Future (2023 & Beyond)

Completed Improvements:

Q2, Q3 & Q4 of 2022

  • Revamped Competitor Analysis Audit
  • Integration w/ SEMRUSH for Keyword & Backlink data
  • Launched Accessibility Audit
  • Added Italian translation
  • Enabled ROI/ROI Ecommerce on Competitor Analysis Audit
  • Enabled ROI/ROI Ecommerce on On-Page SEO Audit
  • Enabled ROI on Website Audit
  • Enabled ROI Ecommerce on Ecommerce Audit
  • Enabled reviewing a company position on the Local Search Grid for a keyword
  • Improved the Project scan speed
  • Updated reports to be print-friendly using the browser print option
  • Enabled an option to add an accounting email
  • Enabled an option to update the style of the CTA button on the report
  • Enabled an option for the user to save the audit as template
  • Miscellaneous UI/UX improvements

Q4 2021 & Q1 of 2022

  • Revamped Google Business Profile audit
  • Integration of Local Search Grid w/ GBP Audit
  • Automated Google Business Profile audit + Lead Widget
  • Google SERP Location Changer Tool
  • Implementation of favicon for white label reports
  • Official Zapier Integration goes live
  • Better Leads playbook
    Follow this playbook to help you build lead lists in minutes of hundreds of local businesses that need your agency services.
  • Agency Client Meeting playbook
    Follow this playbook to help you follow a monthly process to help you close more leads in your pipeline.
  • Updated the UI/UX for the notifications module
  • Reduced audit & project audit scan times by 50%
  • Email notifications options for lead widgets
  • Date picker on Google Analytics insights
  • Support for international date formats
  • Lead widget management for sub accounts on agency plan
  • Report Builder page UI updates
  • Revamp the CTA module
  • Revamp the Award module
  • Revamp the testimonial module
  • Revamped edit audit UI/UX

Q2 - Q3 2021

  • Implemented the import pages functionality (Projects)
  • Added SERP features to the ranked keywords module (Projects)
  • Translation module to allow users to translate the reports in their own language
  • Updated UI/UX for testimonial management on the report builder
  • Updated UI/UX for awards management on the report builder
  • Updated UI/UX for CTA management on the report builder
  • UI/UX updates to audit dashboard & Reports Manager
  • Zapier integration is now Public for My Web Audit
  • Launched new product called MWA Projects
    We built Projects—the intelligent way to analyze websites—from the ground up for SEO, page performance, security, accessibility, and more. Now you can support, manage and report on standard agency services like care plans, page performance, security, SEO, monthly reporting, and so on. Watch Video
  • Reports Translation in French, Portuguese & Spanish
  • Launched Direct Mail Add-on in early access
    Create beautiful personalized PDFs in minutes. These can be printed as a single page or bi-fold and dropped into the mail to businesses or hand-delivered in person locally or at an event.
  • Launched Accessibility Assessment in early access
    This automated report includes issues and recommendations to help a site be more accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Added option to disable the page numbers in PDF reports
  • Enabled audits on password-protected websites
  • Added 11 Zap templates

Q1 2021

  • MWA New UI/UX
  • Pull GMB Insights into GMB Audit
  • Added additional On-Page SEO audit points
  • Added backlink and top 10 SERP competitor insights to SEO audit
  • Added keyword suggestions module to SEO audit
  • Added ranked keywords module to SEO audit
  • Added Core Web Vitals (CLS) to page speed audit

Q3 + Q4 2020

  • Ecommerce ROI Report
  • Dynamic GMB Cover
  • Customer Referral Offer Give 10% — Get 10%
  • Integration of full site crawl (Technical & SEO) (Early Release)
  • SERP Keyword Rank Tracker (Early Release)
  • On-Page SEO report enhancements (Show score summary of pages audited)
  • Redesign Bonus Resources Module

Q2 2020

  • GMB Audit enhancements to gather more information from GMB
  • Enhancements to the Report Builder Settings to offer more flexibility on what to display
  • Revamped the lead and contact management modules
  • Added new agency resources to the Bonus Resources section
  • Lead Widgets: Added Company field w/ Google Autocomplete
  • Improved the SMTP module to support custom SMTP services
  • Enabled multi-language support on user accounts for English, German, and Dutch
  • Better Leads Enhancements (Accuracy and speed of lead harvesting)
  • UI / UX Updates ( All Reports / App & Report Builder)

Q1 2020

  • Reports Translation in German
  • Enable multiple URLs on On-Page SEO audit
  • Reports Translation in Dutch
  • Lead Widget for SEO Page Audit

Q4 2019

  • Google My Business (GMB) Audit
  • Better Leads Improvements
  • Integration of Technographics for Better Leads

Q3 2019

  • Improved Page Performance of App & Reports
  • Additional onboarding + video training modules
  • Landing Page Audit
  • New Automated Interactive Audit Report
  • Made the Free Custom Notes Add-On FREE
  • Reduced Automated Audit Runtimes by 75%
  • Revamped Google Chrome extension
  • Ability to run competitive analysis from Google Chrome extension
  • Ability to run ROI from Google Chrome extension
  • WooCommerce Status Report Added to the WP Technical Assessment
  • Sub Account - Enabled Access to Bonus Resources
  • Sub Account - Added new permission to manage report templates
  • New On Page Site Page Speed Audit Report
  • New On Page Site SEO Grader
  • Sub Account - Added new permission to manage categories and audit points
  • Sub Account - Added new permission to manage Zapier
  • Lead Widget for Page Speed
  • Added Show / Hide Grade Functionality on Reports
  • New email templates

Q2 2019

  • Launch of new E-commerce report
  • Partner Perks & Discounts (Save on Agency Resources & Software)
  • Enable Automated Google My Business (GMB)
  • Integration of GTmetrix API for Page Speed
  • New Audit Points for Legal, Page Copy & Accessibility
  • Enabled Google Doc Report Functionality
  • Enabled website audit report in Portuguese
  • New UI/UX for Dashboard & New Audit Process
  • New Chrome Extension UI/UX
  • Added the Save & Continue Functionality
  • Updates to the Report Template Builder (Backup & Restore Functionality)
  • Audit Builder Addon – Enhancement - Enabled clone audit point functionality for both Manual and Automated audit points

Q1 2019

  • Better Leads Addon ( Lead Generation & Data Enrichment)
  • Create Audit Templates
  • Rebuilt reporting engine from the ground up for performance, scalability, and flexibility
  • Improved branding & control over audit copy
  • Redesigned report designs
  • New Audit Templates & Covers
  • Control over scoring of audit points
  • Ability to add categories & subcategories
  • Additional Email Templates
  • Enhancements to Email Automation Module
  • Use Cases to provide strategies on how to leverage My Web Audit in your business.
  • New PDF Engine for better compression and speed
  • Enhanced Zapier Integration
  • Revamp automated audit points to run faster
  • Revamped onboarding & training resources
  • New Success Strategies Videos (Sales Resources)
  • Improved app & report performance

Q4 2018

  • Converted HTML reports to support mobile & tablet views
  • Instead of running audits for leads manually. You will be able to import a CSV to batch process automated audits.
  • Perks: We will be working with popular software & service providers in our industry to offer you exclusive savings!
  • Developed an API to be used via Zapier to integrate custom forms with My Web Audit
  • New cold email outreach campaign
  • Google Analytics KPI Report
  • Affiliate partner portal for joint venture partners and influencers

Q3 2018

  • Improved UI/UX for the application
  • SSL support for white label domains

Q2 2018

  • Ability to send test emails from the email audit screen
  • New audit forward copy to position the value of the reports and how to use them
  • Manage your own custom email templates
  • BCC Field for emails
  • Create landing page designs & copy to offer website audits
  • Support for GDPR compliance on MWA embeddable forms
  • New Lead Magnet: ROI Embed Widget Tool w/ Templates
  • New manual & automated Social Media audit points
  • New Website Content Audit
  • Refer a Friend / Share the Love feature to get rewarded for referrals
  • Revamped report designs for Audit, Competitive Analysis & ROI
  • Excel Reports: You can now export the audit items to Excel as a task list to be imported into your PM apps
  • Purchase Audit Credits: Pro and Agency users can now purchase extra audit credits which can be used at any time and don’t expire
  • FB Pixel Tracking: System check to identify if a site utilizes the Facebook tracking pixel
  • AMP: System check to identify if the site utilizes AMP pages for the website
  • Broken Links: System checks and identifies broken links on the page being audited
  • Open Graph: System check to identify if open graph tags are configured the website
  • Favicon: System check to identify if a favicon is being used on the website
  • Added the competitive analysis functionality to the embeddable website audit widget
  • Upgrade.php Accessibility: System WP security check to identify the public availability for the upgrade.php file in WordPress
  • Implemented Google page speedv4 API
  • Enable Category Customization ( edit title & description as well as drag and drop for sorting)
  • Enable Summary audit report link tracking
  • Enhanced the email template design

Q1 2018

  • Competition Analysis Report: Quickly and efficiently evaluate a prospects site strengths and weaknesses against that of 2 of their competitors (PDF / Web / Google Doc format)
  • Revamped Audit Embed Forms: You can now design and use multiple types of audit forms across your site.
  • Summary Report: Impress your leads with a summary version of the full audit report. Then offer the complete report when they book a consultation. Login to build your summary report
  • Email Templates: 6 new email templates for prospecting and lead follow ups
  • Google Docs Export for Reports
  • Premium Custom Notes Add-On: Easily add personalized notes & recommendations to any audit point as you analyze the site
  • Revamped Edit Audit Functionality: You can now see the website you are auditing right from the app using our new UI/UX
  • Sub User Accounts: Agency users can now share access to your account with team members, VA or contractors. Easily grant them access to only what they need
  • Custom Category Add-On - You can now add and manage your own custom categories
  • Enhancements to the application UI/UX and dozens of smaller updates!

Q4 2017

  • Local map pack listings
  • 2 new email templates for prospecting and lead follow ups. Improved report page load by over 50%
  • Audit archive functionality on dashboard
  • Additional customization of contact info for pdf reports
  • Change the titles for the audit points
  • Add trust factors like awards & certifications to your reports
  • Image upload in email template
  • Widget setting to disable audits from running automatically when submitted on your site
  • WordPress Checklist Integration
  • Premium add-on to add your own audit points
  • Premium add-on for WordPress specific audit points & WP Plugin

Q3 2017

  • New website audit widget generator & emails
  • Custom subdomains for agency plans
  • PowerPoint File download functionality for the agency plan
  • ROI calculator
  • My Web Audit - Zapier integration.
  • Mobile / responsive support for My Web Audit admin panel
  • Personalize audit text and questions on a profile level
  • Ability to embed a YouTube/Vimeo video walkthrough on the audit report
  • Add a personalized message to each audit
  • Improved billing functionality and flexibility.
  • Ability to control the default view for an audit report on the profile and audit level.
  • New documents & resources module

Q2 2017

  • Audit report presentation version was developed
  • Custom CTA messaging for the user account was enabled
  • Page speed functionality implemented
  • Mobile friendly test was added

Q1 2017

  • Chrome browser extension was rolled out
  • Audit report web version was developed
  • Audit report PDF version was developed