My Web Audit Product Roadmap

At My Web Audit we are committed to executing iterative and rapid improvement based off our vision and our customer feedback.

Updated: 12-15-2017

We make small improvements frequently, this roadmap highlights the key features & improvements planned for My Web Audit. Priorities may change as we grow, reevaluate features or face new challenges. Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and feedback.

Currently In Progress (Anticipated rollout in less than 30 days)

  • New onboarding emails + video training module
  • Premium add-on to personalize text at the audit level
  • New email templates for prospecting and lead follow ups.
  • Multiple Embed Forms
  • Refer a Friend / Share the Love feature to get rewarded for referrals.
  • Affiliate partner portal for joint venture partners and influencers.
  • High-end Discovery Report – Analytics/ROI/WordPress Metrics
  • Enhancements to audit report UI/UX

Coming Next:

  • Competition Comparison
  • New Website Content Audit.
  • Custom Google Analytics KPI Reports.
  • New manual & automated website audit points.
  • Premium Prospecting Tool (View Details)
    • Use advanced API integrations to pull website tech stack for prospecting.
    • Use advanced API integrations to collect enrich prospect contact information.
  • New manual & automated Social Media audit points.
  • Setting up a new domain for the website front end so business owners who view reports do not stumble on the pricing pages etc.
  • Embed Form WordPress Plugin
  • Ability to keep X versions of an audit for up to 90 days.

Completed Improvements:

Q4 2017

  • Local map pack listings
  • 2 new email templates for prospecting and lead follow ups. Improved report page load by over 50%
  • Audit archive functionality on dashboard
  • Additional customization of contact info for pdf reports
  • Change the titles for the audit points
  • Add trust factors like awards & certifications to your reports
  • Widget setting to disable audits from running automatically when submitted on your site
  • Image upload in email template
  • WordPress Checklist Integration
  • Premium add-on to add your own audit points
  • Premium add-on for WordPress specific audit points & WP Plugin

Q3 2017

  • New website audit widget generator & emails
  • Custom subdomains for agency plans
  • PowerPoint File download functionality for the agency plan
  • ROI calculator
  • My Web Audit – Zapier integration.
  • Mobile / responsive support for My Web Audit admin panel
  • Personalize audit text and questions on a profile level
  • Ability to embed a YouTube/Vimeo video walkthrough on the audit report
  • Add a personalized message to each audit
  • Improved billing functionality and flexibility.
  • Ability to control the default view for an audit report on the profile and audit level.
  • New documents & resources module

Q2 2017

  • Audit report presentation version was developed
  • Custom CTA messaging for the user account was enabled
  • Page speed functionality implemented
  • Mobile friendly test was added

Q1 2017

  • Chrome browser extension was rolled out
  • Audit report web version was developed
  • Audit report PDF version was developed

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