Hundreds of web professionals use My Web Audit to build trust, add value, establish their expertise,
stand out from the competition… And close more deals. Here are just a few.

  • One meeting and one report. I was able to land a 6-month contract for over $5,000 a month.

    Stephanie Hudson


    Sweat Tea Marketing

  • Closed over $4.5k in new business in the first 90 days!

    My Web Audit helped us close over $4,500 in new business in the first 90 days! We’ve sold these audits for as high as $1,000 each and clients love them! My Web Audit provides the plug-and-play framework to produce quick, professional, and customizable audits to get more business.

    David Wauters


    Online Store Coach

  • We have an 80% closing rate and a 98X ROI from what we paid for My Web Audit. I can't say enough! You've got to get My Web Audit.

  • 10X Return On Investment The First Week.

    I can't believe I hesitated on signing up for the Agency Plan. I closed two projects in the first week using MyWebAudit. It more than paid for itself. This will be my standard procedure on new projects.

    Melanie G Adcock


    Adcock Creative

  • I use it with existing clients to get them onto marketing retainers. We've found it to be a great sales tool as well. We've found it absolutely fantastic!

  • We just landed another 2 jobs using My Web Audit

    Adam Silverman


    Muletown Digital

  • We've have more than doubled our close ratio on websites! It also helps us provide valuable info for our clients. I hope it helps other agencies like it's helped us.

    Jennifer Christensen


    VP, Beacon Media + Marketing

  • Sent my first audit to a $1k landing page, now signing up for a $3k retainer.

    Well, that was easy. Sent my first audit to a $1k landing page project client who knew their WP site was trash and didn't know what to fix next. Now signing up for a $3k retainer.

    Victor Ramirez


    Abstract Agency, LLC

  • I just closed a huge client, 2 sites to build plus 2 full blown marketing packages to the tune of $2900.00/month.

  • During the trial I ran 5 audits. I decided to invest in the annual Agency plan. On day 1 of the paid plan I landed a design and support deal from an audit I ran during the trial that more than paid for the tool!

    Christine Ferguson


    Ferguson Computers, Inc.

  • I've been extremely impressed with this tool. It's revolutionized how we run audits. Their team is really dedicated to customer success.

  • It helps me charge better rates and give my clients a much, much better product. It's a fantastic tool.

  • Saves us so much time. 12 hours in 1 week!

    We had an overwhelming response to our offer for free web reviews on Facebook. We had a system, but it was still time-consuming to do each review. The "My Web Audit" tool saved us so much time! I was facing over 14 hours worth of "free work" and we were able to condense that down to 2 hours. Our clients have been pleased with the reports as well.

    Gretchen Cawthon


    Left Right Labs

  • I can't say enough good things about My Web Audit. In the free trial alone, I was able to close 4 deals.

  • I am incredibly impressed with the amount of value it allows me to deliver my clients . The first 2 audits I did got me $1500 in recurring revenue.

    Josiah Goff


    Josiah Goff

  • Since using My Web Audit, we have been able to close almost 90% of the businesses we have pitched.

    Derek Schmidt



  • Between our website audits and business that we have closed because of My Web Audit, it has literally paid for itself 30X.

    John Falke


    Owner, Johnny Flash

  • Before My Web Audit, we used to spend 2-3 hours on analyzing the leads, now we spend 5 - 10 minutes. The tool auto-scans the site and allows us to add our manual input.

    Mike Ruman


    CEO, Local Growth

  • I don't think you are going to lose money on this tool, I think you're only going to gain value and close more deals.

    James Leff


    CEO, JSL Marketing

  • 5 new deals being closed!

    My Web Audit has been a vital tool in a pro active sales approach. It has allowed me to provide value upfront within the first interaction resulting in closing 5 new deals being closed!

    Marcus Ohanesian


    Perfect Evolution

  • MyWebAudit gives my agency instant credibility with prospects.

    The audit report is clean and professional and that helps us make a great first impression. We also love the Better Leads functionality. It really helps us with our cold outreach. MyWebAudit has definitely helped us land some great projects.

  • It can be used in so many different ways. I love the customization possibilities!

    My Web Audit is a game changer. It can be used in so many ways - as a free lead magnet, an inexpensive paid tripwire, or as a fully paid product. It’s so easy to use and so effective with clients that it’s profitable for me, even if I give it away as a lead magnet!

    The content helps me provide real, actionable value to my clients regardless of the price point and makes a great impression to help me earn their trust.

    As a Certified StoryBrand Guide I’ve even added a custom section all about messaging and can break that out into its own standalone audit also. Love the customization possibilities!

    Cliff and his team are doing great things - constantly improving and adding to the offering plus providing amazing service to their agency clients. Highly, highly recommend to any web designer, SEO, or copywriter who wants to serve their clients with excellence while growing their business!

    Chris Shull


    Heyday Web Media

  • My Web Audit is truly amazing, it provides us the key points to discuss with our prospects to close the deal. 100% of the time they know something is not working for them or could be working much better. But most of the times they don't know what that is or how to go about fixing. Providing them with a comprehensive, professional audit tailored specifically for them, gives us the talking points on what needs to be corrected and most importantly, in what order of importance.

    Best of all, once the deal is closed, the audit itself gives our team the template to work off to prepare a specific strategy roadmap leaving no doubt that nothing is being missed.

    We have tried practically every tool out there and this one is without a doubt the best.

  • It's been enormous time saver/benefit for our firm. A no-brainer in terms of ROI.

    My Web Audit has been an enormous time saver/benefit for our firm and is a no-brainer in terms of ROI. Integrating MWA into our process has let us complete our website reviews quicker through their friendly UI, and we love the automated review points, so not everything has to be done manually. Support is always speedy to respond and helpful. The addition of the Better Leads add-on is pretty sweet for our sales team. Since we started using MWA, they've been adding more and more resources for customers as well as new features, and we're thrilled to have found it!

    Ron Johnson


    Founder CyberOptik

  • It amplified my prospecting outreach significantly.

    When you follow-up with a prospect, they are looking for something of value for their time. My Web Audit allowed me to confidently reach out to prospects who I had touched base with and give them actionable, valuable insights on their web strategy. In seconds, literally, I was sending out emails that I knew would start a conversation. It amplified my prospecting outreach significantly.

    Akande Davis


    Digital Pew

  • Best website audit presentation on the market.

    Best website audit presentation on the market, step up your game and impress your prospects with My Web Audit!

    Alex C Barr


  • It has been a game changer for us. Our clients are blown away by the reports. You can easily make your money back. I highly recommend it.

    John Falke


    Owner, Johnny Flash

  • Building trust and delivering value early helped us close a couple of deals over $20,000!

    Michael D. Wailes


    Spectrum Interactive Group

  • We've seen at least a 60% conversion rate on audits we've done. Not only are we able to use it on existing clients, we use it with leads.

  • This tool has been amazing! It's a time save, makes our sales conversations really smooth, and the reports are beautiful.

  • We convert way better now that we use My Web Audit! We get better insights into our clients website and use these audits anytime we onboard new clients to our website support plans.

    Kristina Romero


    Owner, KR Media & Designs

  • Able to grow my list 53% so far using this tool.

    This audit tool has been critical for expanding my reach. It integrates seamlessly with my current systems and the reports are attractive and easy for users to understand. I've been able to grow my list 53% so far using this tool.

    Brandy Lawson



  • I'm a strong believer in delivering value. My Web Audit has been that tool to help my provide that value very, very quickly. I've used it for lead gen, paid discovery and paid audits. It's paid for itself several times over already.

    Adam Lowe


    Adam Lowe Creative

  • I don't want other agencies to have this "secret sauce."

    Great products change your process by creating new opportunities. Exceptional products create new opportunities and continue to grow and change to meet needs you didn't even realize you had. MyWebAudit is exceptional. I couldn't be happier. My only hesitation in recommending them is that I don't want other agencies to have this "secret sauce.

    Erika Dickstein


    Spring Insight

  • I've used SEM Rush, Spyfu and Moz. This is the first system that actually helps us sell what we do best. It helps us close high value deals.

    Jonathan Hinshaw


    CEO, Ebway

  • I've secured an SEO contract and two new website builds.

    I wanted to ramp up my lead generation, so I decided to give My Web Audit a shot. And it's been a revelation. I sent out a free offer for a free website health check to my list. 39 people responded, and (so far) I have followed up with 12 of them. Of the nine that met with me I've secured an SEO contract and two new website builds. My Web Audit is now at the core of my lead generation and sales strategy. Thanks Cliff--you rock!

    Catherine Trebble


    Full Appointment Book

  • It allows me to quickly generate a compelling but easy to understand website audit in just a couple of minutes.

    Christina Hawkins


    GlobalSpex, Inc

  • My Web Audit has helped my business close deals and get more work with less effort.

    My Web Audit has helped my business close deals and get more work with less effort than otherwise. Clients appreciate the professional look and insights included in the reports. In some cases, we don't provide the audit to the client but use it to assess a website prior to giving an estimate or deciding if the site is one we want to take on, which is a huge timesaver.

    Colleen Gratzer


    Gratzer Graphics LLC

  • Honestly the web audit, ROI calculator and competitive analysis all together make a really handy report to hand to a client and say here are opportunities for improvement. Let us show you how we can take your presence to the next level.

  • I used the Return on Investment report feature to show the potential exciting project we were proposing and I think that really allowed us to stand out from our competitors and lend the job.

    Mark Reynolds


    Profit Reach

  • I have really high retention and signup rates once I provide these audits. I’m really happy with the product.

    Noah Britton


    CEO, Thrive

  • I thoroughly recommend My Web Audit. It has been a game-changer for our digital agency.

    Carol Stambaugh


    Owner, Radiate WP

  • We use My Web Audit in our website sales process and it has completely transformed our sales process.

    Catherine Wilson


    Owner, Eviva Media

  • 1 FB Post = 14 Audits = 1 Web Rebuild and other possible work.

    Peter Butler


    Smarter Websites

  • I'm able to save time, build trust so much faster and most importantly I am able to close more deals. It's been a complete game changer.

    Jason Garcia


    New Oceans Digital

  • My Web Audit helps me close leads faster.

    My Web Audit helps me close leads faster by offering a huge amount of value without investing hours splicing together different reports. There are many website audit options available on the market, but My Web Audit takes it to the next level! My Web Audit makes it easy to communicate the wins & opportunities about a site while providing a ton of value. Clients love the audits and they are so easy to customize and run.

    Mitch Britt


    Bold Eye Media

  • MWA has been amazing for my firm! I find my potential clients are a bit hesitant to trust me and this tool helps me to determine a quickly break through that barrier. I'm able to generate a useful, clear plan of action that they can understand. Also - the company is just amazing in all the updates, improvements, and features they continue to offer. The Resources section alone has provided an awesome copy & paste sales strategy. You won't find anything else out there like this, totally recommend!

  • My Web Audit report can be easily understood by your prospects.

    Have you ever wanted to expand your marketing by offering website audits, but hesitated about the time commitment? My Web Audit automates everything that can be automated and delivers a comprehensive report with minimal effort. Best of all, it is a report that can be easily understood by your prospects.

    Boel Stoddard


    Boel Stoddard Web Design

  • My Web Audit is a really comprehensive audit tool.

    My Web Audit is a really comprehensive audit tool that perfectly integrates into creative / web / marketing company workflows. It seems to have been created specifically for full service web focused companies and goes way beyond the SEO audit realm of its competitors.

    Ray Dale


    The SeedMill

  • Having the leads come directly from our agency site is the best part.

    We started using My Web Audit during its beta stage. we have watched this software grow into a tool that every marketer should be using. Having the leads come directly from our agency site is the best part. Leads are generated automatically. The email reply feature can be customized to get the best reply rate. If you are serious about your company and your success, you need to get this software.

    Terry Samuels


    Salterra Web Services

  • W​OW talk about a game changer. I was looking for a tool that I could use to #1 look at a website and determine its fitness (so to speak) and #2 to use that tool & report to customize a plan of action to submit to my clients.

    Well, Clifford and his team did it! My Web Audit does exactly that and more! I can even add a Chrome Extension to my browser and use that to go deep into my client's sites!

    And, it gets better - the dashboard that I have access to is amazing - giving me the reports and the ability download and send to my clients (or, use as an internal audit) ... and, at the click of a button I can rerun the report to see the updates....

    There are so many more great features as well - but, you'll need to sign up and just see for yourself!"

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