Google Business Profile Audit Report

Audit and optimize your agency client's Google Business Profile to boost their local rankings.

This Google Business Profile audit report is perfect for generating an actionable checklist of recommended optimization strategies. Implement them to help your prospects' and clients' GBP profiles get more visibility and drive more online and foot traffic to their businesses.

Stand out from the competition by delivering value and building trust so you can start generating more revenue for your business today.

Easily brand and personalize our Google Business Profile Audit for your agency for free today using our Google Business Profile audit report.

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Run a Google Business Profile Audit to Discover Opportunities

Run a Google Business Profile audit to discover opportunities for growing your client's business

  • Quickly analyze and identify GBP optimization strategies to boost your prospect or client's visibility and outrank the competition.
  • Eliminate the guesswork and follow our proven step by step actionable GBP audit checklist and how to directions.
  • Prioritize tasks that will create the highest impact so you can deliver quick wins!

Get the most important Google Business Profile optimization insights all in one place

  • Discover challenges and present them to your prospects or clients as opportunities to rank higher locally.
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions based on industry best practices to consistently deliver better results.
  • Use these insights as part of your lead generation or sales process to build trust, establish your expertise and deliver value so you can generate more revenue.
Get the Most Important Google Business Profile Optimization Insights All in One Place

Google Business Profile Audit FAQ

You can use the MyWebAudit Google Business Profile audit, which makes it easy for you to do a GBP audit and present an easy-to-understand report to your clients.

A Google Business Profile audit will help your clients that care about local business optimize their GBP profile, which in turn will raise their local ranking and visibility in Google's local search results so they get more calls and foot traffic. In other words, a GBP audit will help your client's business grow.

There are several reasons why offering a GBP audit is beneficial to your agency, from lead generation and sales to winning back past clients.

  • It's an easy to understand report that helps you deliver value quickly while helping you establish your expertise, builds trust and ultimately helps you close more sales.
  • It's a great productized offering that you can execute in a couple of hours.
  • Since it's easy to execute agencies can use it as a foot in the door offer to later upsell or cross sell other services like web design and SEO.
  • Helps you win back previous clients by giving you an easy way to reach back out and restarting the conversation by leading with value vs. just asking for their business again.

You can improve your client's ranking and visibility using our Google Business Profile audit. Our auditing software helps you pinpoint the exact GBP profile issues you need to improve in order to get better local ranking results for your client.

You can optimize your client's GBP profile by addressing these common issues:

  • Ensuring all sections of the profile are filled out thoroughly and accurately.
  • Choosing relevant primary and secondary business categories.
  • Ensuring the Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) information is accurate, consistent and matches other directory listings on the web.
  • Posting relevant photos, and uploading new photos regularly.
  • Adding product and service information.
  • Encouraging customers to leave reviews.
  • Responding to GBP reviews.
  • Publishing new GBP posts on a regular basis.

We have created an in-depth Google Business Profile audit that not only uncovers these problems, it also gives you brief instructions on how to fix them. Click here to check our Google Business Profile audit template for web and seo agencies.

This is an actionable Google Business Profile audit checklist that businesses can use to optimize their GBP profiles, which in turn raises their local rankings and boosts their visibility in Google for local searches.

When you optimize a Google Business Profile, it helps raise the visibility of that business for local searches. An optimized GBP profile is more likely to appear in the Map Pack, plus it can boost the website's ranking through social signals (such as reviews).

Your first step is to use a Google Business Profile audit tool, which will help you pinpoint the issues where the GBP profile needs improvement. Typically, this includes:

  • Ensuring all sections of the profile are filled out thoroughly and accurately.
  • Inserting accurate and consistent name, address and phone citations.
  • Choosing the most relevant primary and secondary business categories.
  • Collecting and responding to reviews.
  • Posting new content frequently, including relevant photos and videos.

Once you've uncovered and fixed these issues, your clients will start seeing better results.

There are many audit points to include in a Google Business Profile audit, such as:

  • Claimed profile
  • Consistent NAP citations
  • Relevant primary and secondary business categories
  • Business hours
  • Business description
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Reviews

And more. Take a look at MyWebAudit's Google Business Profile audit template to discover the most important GBP audit points you should be auditing and optimizing.

You can offer a GBP audit for free as a lead magnet or to win back past clients. Alternatively, you can charge anywhere from $100 to $200+ for a GBP audit. Optimizing a GBP profile takes an hour or two so you can determine what to charge for that based on your hourly rates.

If you were doing it manually it could take you 15-20+ minutes. When you use MyWebAudit, a Google Business Profile audit takes about five minutes to complete. The audit software even creates a beautiful and actionable report for you to present to your clients or use internally to optimize the GBP profile.

You can do it the hard way with more time and effort or you can use We have a Google Business Profile audit that uses a Chrome extension and an extensive list of audit points for you to run through. This takes less than 5 minutes, once done, the application creates a professional audit report that is filled with actionable strategies to optimize and rank your prospects GBP profile. Use it for lead generation or to close a sale. Again, it takes about five minutes, so it's quick, easy and painless for you.

You can see an example of a Google Business Profile audit template created for web agencies and SEOs to use with their clients here.

When people do a search for local businesses, only those businesses with optimized Google Business Profiles show up at the top of the rankings. In particular, an optimized Google Business Profile will help your clients get into the Map Pack (which is the local pack listings of relevant map listings that appear at the top of the search results). Businesses appearing in the Map Pack tend to get the most phone calls, website clicks, and foot traffic. Which in turn helps the business generate more revenue and grow.