Impress event attendees with beautiful, personalized,
high-value audits

Whether you’re speaking at a local networking group, holding an in-person workshop, or hosting a webinar, leverage our audits to convert your audience into customers.

Impress event attendees with beautiful, personalized, high-value audits

Make Your Event One to Remember

The next time you present to a group, forget about the same old “contact us if you’re interested” call to action. With an audit offer, you’ll build your credibility, wow your attendees, and set yourself up for sales.

Give a Holistic
Digital Overview

Business owners often think that the only thing that matters about their website is the way it looks. Now you can show them the value of tending to all aspects of their site —from page performance and security to copy and conversion.

Give a Holistic Digital Overview
Easily Explain Your Services

Easily Explain Your Services

It’s easy for people to tune out when you try to explain things like search engine visibility or site security. But our done-for-you audit points are written to help your audience easily understand—and, more importantly, see how each point specifically applies to their site.

Save Time & Money

To assemble and deliver what’s included in My Web Audit, you’d need to spend dozens of hours in prep work and sign up for all sorts of tools. With our app, you’ll invest a fraction of that—and have everything you need to produce beautiful audit reports for each attendee in less than 5 minutes.

Save Time & Money
Turn Your Audience Into Customers

Turn Your Audience
Into Customers

With My Web Audit, you can quickly deliver personalized, actionable recommendations to everyone in attendance—which means you’ll more easily establish your authority, build trust with your audience faster, and land more deals.


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  • Brandy Lawson

    I was able to grow my list by 53% so far using this tool!


  • Rob Riggs

    Honestly the web audit, ROI calculator and competitive analysis all together make a really handy report to hand to a client and say here are opportunities for improvement. Let us show you how we can take your presence to the next level.


    President, Your Design Online